Last Day

Today is my last day in highschool… and I’m gonna miss the Mac Lab. I’m gonna leave this blog up as a testimony of my class, but I’m gonna go back to putting stuff on my DA account. You can find it here. John Doyle, signing out.


Progress Report

It’s nearing time for the progress report at my school, so here’s a new pic to show that I’m actually working.

Here’s Some New Work…

I have an updated version of my earlier works. I might work on it even more later…


Yep, I am still alive, and I’m posting new pics from class. Here’s a file of Frank N. Stein, the escaped brain surgery patient who performs “Reconstructive surgery” on his “patients.” In case you are wondering, the hand that isn’t blades is a sewing mechanism to stitch patients with one hand.

I’m Boooored.

This is a pic of me I took a long time ago, and decided to re-illustrate. Notice the effort a person will put in when he/she is bored.

New Semester

Ah, there is nothing like the sweet smell of a fresh semester. A new OS on the class macs, girl scout cookies, a new inspiration to improve from last semester, girl scout cookies, new students, and girl scout cookies. Oh, and did I mention girl scout cookies?


Today is presentation in class. Here is another link of my website, just in case: link

BTW Skocko, just look at my pics. This site is old…

My site

Paint it Red

This is a version of a website for my computer class. Ignore the poor quality pictures, I will fix it by next monday.

Skocko, ignore this one as well…

Happy Birthday to Me

I’m now 18 as of 1/20/2010, and it feels great to be considered an adult. I’ll start putting up work… now!

Kamina in All His Glory


Hello, I am John, and I will be making art for the internet to see. I started it because my teacher Mr. Skocko said I should to show a record of my progress. His blog is at: site